Harvesting Combine



Overview About Harvesting Machines 

Agriculture is one of the industries that are affected by the mechanical and digital revolution. We’re not saying that it had a bad effect because it helped improve the agriculture industry through mechanized farming. 


Wherever you are in the world, you can see a lot of mechanized farming around the world. It makes lives easier for many people, especially farmers. It also helps stabilie the prices of agricultural products.


If you’re not still convinced about everything about harvesting machines, we’re going to help you here at FarmerFriend. In this article, we’re going to tell you more about these machines and help you understand them more. 


Two types of agriculture harvesting methods do exist and making our lives easier. They are the hand/manual harvesting method and the mechanical harvesting method.


Hand harvesting or manual harvesting is the kind of harvesting where you use your hands to pick all of the fruits and vegetables using your hands. Sometimes farmers use types of equipment like a sickle or a shovel to make it easier. 


Meanwhile, mechanical harvesting is the opposite of the first type of harvesting. It solely relies on different big types of equipment to reap all of the agricultural products. 

What is harvesting machinery? 

Harvesting machinery are machines that are used to collect crops that were planted by farmers.. It can sometimes be used for controlling crops or weeds from overgrowing and invading other areas. There are a lot of different machines that have multiple functions depending on the job. 

Types of harvesting machines

Not all harvesting machines are the same, they have different functions to help farmers. Here are some of the types that you can see everywhere. 

Crop harvesting machine

This is the most common type of harvesting machine you can see on a farm. It helps you get all of the crops from your field. It doesn’t damage any part of the plant and only gets the crops. 

Grain harvesting machine

This type of machine is used particularly for harvesting grains like wheat, rice, seeds, and many more. 

Root crop harvesting machine

Root crops are definitely to harvest because sometimes the crops are too deep. That’s why it is often harvested by hand using diggers or shovels.  Today, these machines are great for harvesting root crops no matter how deep they are. From beets to potatoes, there’s no type of root crop this machine can’t handle. 


After Andrew Meikle invented this great machine, separating husks and stalks from the grains of your harvest is much easier than before. 

Vegetable harvesting machines

This is definitely a no-brainer because the functionality of it is already in the name. This is mostly used on different types of vegetables and is commonly seen in farms that specialize in that worldwide. The most common type of vegetable that is being harvested is tomatoes.