Farming equipment must-haves

Farmer Friend: Farming equipment must-haves

Agriculture plays an important role not only in boosting the country’s economy but in improving the livelihood of the people as well. It provides a lot of opportunities and one of those is farming. 

Farming is a serious business and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are responsible for making sure that all the crops that they grow are healthy and safe to eat. Since this is a very demanding job every day, farmers can’t do it on their own all the time. 

That’s why here at Farmer Friend, we know how important it is to have farming equipment to assist them in their daily activities. Read more below to know what kinds of farming equipment they need to have. 


Tractors are very useful when it comes to farming. They are versatile and perform in high quality so farmers don’t have to worry about doing everything on their own. The most common type of tractor is the walk-behind tractor. You can easily attach and detach framing equipment depending on what you need to perform your farming duty.


Whether you have a small or big farm, an ATV will help you tour around to check on your crops one by one. Farmers have a lot on their plate already and this makes their bodies prone to experiencing pains. To save them some time to move a lot on their farm, this vehicle helps to bring them easily to their destination.


There are various types of mowers like a push-behind, a riding mower, or a zero-turn mower to name a few. But all of these have the same function which is to harvest grasses and forage crops. 


You need to have something to store your liquid fertilizers and pesticides to increase the growth of your crops. Sprayers help farmers evenly spray one part of the area on their farm. 

Irrigation system

Your crops need enough water to continue growing and produce healthy products. An irrigation system will give you peace of mind that water is readily available for your farm.

Seed drills 

Instead of shovelling the soil one by one using their hands, this equipment makes the job of planting new seeds easier. It doesn’t require much force because the seed drills can insert it perfectly into the soil without destroying it. 


Cultipacker keeps your soil clean before planting the seeds. They remove air pockets and crush small stones so they won’t get in the way of your growing crops. This equipment ensures that the seeds will be planted properly within the soil. 


The most used is the disk plough which is normally seen in big farms. It’s like a small truck where the ploughing equipment is attached in front to condition your land especially if you have dry soils and shrubby land.