Farmer Friend: 4 reasons to support a local farmers’ market

Shopping at the nearest grocery store has always been the norm, but buying products from a local farmers’ market can make a huge difference. Farmers sell their fresh products like chicken, beef and raw vegetables, among others. Unlike grocery aisles where things can get confusing, a farmers’ market uses stalls, booths and stands to keep you guided.

Aside from that, what makes farmers’ markets different is that you get a sense of community and belongingness. Farmers can gather and form connections, as well as meet customers that are willing to support their livelihood.

On your next grocery shopping, here are the reasons why you should visit a local farmers’ market:

Healthy organic produce

There’s no question that the demand for healthy, locally-grown food has been continually increasing. At a farmer’s market, the food and ingredients being sold are grown by local farmers in the most organic way. 

Once their crops are grown and ripe, they are instantly sold to consumers so they don’t end up rotting in storage. The products won’t undergo long-distance shipping, leading to the freshest and tastiest goods you’ll ever taste!

This, in turn, can help you kick-start your healthy lifestyle. When you only shop at grocery stores, you mostly consume food that is grown with pesticides and genetic modification. On the other hand, farmers practice sustainable farming to grow the most nutritious products.


One of the biggest myths about healthy food is that they usually cost more. However, some studies have proven that the products grown by local farmers are cheaper than the ones sold at grocery stores.

Most farmers’ markets offer bulk buying that can be extremely convenient, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Moreover, since you’re directly buying from farmers, there are no additional charges imposed by third parties.

Learn cooking tips

At a farmers’ market, you will meet a lot of farmers and ranchers that are passionate cooks. Once you buy their products, they will be more than happy to share cooking tips and meal ideas with you. You will learn how to properly cook the ingredients that you bought, as well as attend classes on food preparation and preservation.

Connect with your local community

Sure, grocery shopping can be fun. Something is incredibly relaxing when you push your shopping cart and jump from one aisle to another. However, nothing beats meeting new people while accomplishing your grocery list. You get to build close relationships with farmers and artisans despite living in a city, helping you expand your circle of friends.

Some markets would even host live music and outdoor activities for the kids. It’s a great time to mingle and socialize and support the local economy at the same time!

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