Farmer Friend: What you can do to help farmers keep farming

Farmer Friend: What you can do to help farmers keep farming

Don’t just buy your food anywhere, be a farmer’s friend and support local farming communities in your area. When you help our farmers it helps our food security. 

Signing up as a FarmerFriend for one will not only give you options on how you can contribute to their daily income. It’s also an opportunity for you to share the advocacy to your family and friends.

Here are some of the ways you can do for our farmers.

  1. Buy your daily food supplies at neighbourhood markets

Help small farmer vendors and food entrepreneurs earn good income by buying your daily food supplies from them. They usually sell their goods at small markets or fresh produce stalls near you. 

Instead of giving your money to giant companies when you grocery shop at their big supermarkets, why not support the neighborhood economy? 

  1. Buy directly from farmers

There’s a workaround to not having the time, you can arrange for a delivery or pickup using your phone. Some farmers’ groups already have a mobile app you can download on your phone. All you have to do is scroll through the vegetables and fruits pictures and add them to cart.

Or find their social media pages and message your orders. What’s great about this is, direct purchase eliminates the add on cost of distribution. It keeps their prices down and they keep all the profit.

  1. Join community farms

You don’t need to be a farmer to plant your own tomatoes and herbs. Urban community farming is a growing movement in cities with limited garden spaces. You can volunteer some of your workout time to water the plants or uproot weeds. 

In return you get free fruits and vegetables. Some community gardens even donate to communities or sell their excess produce. Community gardens help raise awareness about the important role of our farmers to our food security.

  1. Eat at restaurants that have farm to table menu

More and more restaurants are now sourcing their cooking supplies directly from farms. Some of these companies sponsor a community to grow the fruits and vegetables that they require for their restaurants. 

It greatly benefits the farming community by ensuring their income which helps them meet their daily needs. More than that, families who have security of livelihood can send their children to school.

This kind of arrangement also benefits the consumers of their food products because the farmers have to follow quality standards in growing their crops.

  1. Do not waste food

It’s sad when people think that because they can afford anything, they can afford to waste it. Buy only the amount of food you can eat, not the amount you can afford. The food you waste could have fed another hungry person, instead it will only add to garbage. Either way will not help farmers who put in time and effort to grow the food you bought.