Farmer Friend: Characteristics every farmer should possess

Farmer Friend: Characteristics every farmer should possess

Most people have always dreamed of being a farmer, but only a few have taken the leap of faith. The key to success is not often a straight path, and several obstacles will come in your way before you can achieve your goals. Drought, typhoons, wilted crops and staggeringly low income—they are all a part of a farmer’s journey.

If farming is what you want to pursue, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Farmer Friend, we will provide you with the best characteristics a farmer should possess to reach success. Take a look at this short list:


To successfully grow a farm, a farmer needs a tremendous amount of patience. Raising crops, livestock and selling what you’ve harvested takes a lot of time, and it doesn’t usually go smoothly at times. You might encounter equipment damages, disease outbreaks and hails in the most unexpected time.

However, you should not let these issues hold you back. You must teach yourself how to be patient and wait until things work out again. If you fail, learn how to get back on your feet by having plans to keep you guided.

Student mentality

Just like any other field, farming and agriculture are constantly evolving. This is why you should maintain a student mentality at all times. You have to learn how to adapt and adjust to new technology, market trends and environmental issues. These factors are all significant in making your farming life successful, so make sure to study them well. 

Aside from that, don’t be afraid to learn more about your field by asking questions, looking for a mentor and approaching every problem with curiosity. Find the best ways on how you can grow as a farmer and as a person, which is the perfect formula for success.


Aside from growing crops and raising livestock, it is your responsibility to make a profit out of your harvests. Meaning to say, you need to have great skills in salesmanship if you want to boost your sales. You must learn how to interact well with customers and market your products, helping you increase your audience reach and gains. 

For instance, you may have to participate in farmers’ markets to personally meet potential clients and business partners. In this way, you can let others teach you how to improve your marketing strategies to maintain a consistent profit.


Managing a farm and ensuring it thrives well is not an easy task. You need to keep track of everything—your crops, sales and even the losses you’ve suffered in a year. This is why a farmer needs to have excellent organizational skills to keep things in place. 

Keep in mind that agriculture is a tough business to partake in. As a farmer, you should learn how to keep a record of every detail so you can predict future outcomes ahead of time.